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Steam Community :: Guide :: Understanding Steam Trading Cards

Steam Community :: Guide :: Understanding Steam Trading Cards

Check back frequently to see if new games have been added. Each set of trading cards has a badge associated with it. You can earn and level up trading card badges by crafting a completed set. To access your list of available badges click on the badges link on the right side of your Steam profile.

How to craft a badge ? :: Steam Trading Cards Group

Does crafting a badge make us LOSE all of the associated cards? That is, won’t I be able to watch the cards again? Or they are just taken so we cannot trade or sell them anymore but we still can see them? (For seeing I mean opening them in full screen, to look at the nice illustrations of each one). #2.

How can i Create badges? :: Steam Trading Cards Group

If you have ALL the cards, then there should be a big button that says [Craft Badge] on the game in your Badges page. When you play a game, you will get card drops after a while. But you only get up to half of the cards for that game. So if your game has 6 cards in total, you will only win around 3 for playing.

How to Level Up / Craft Badges on Steam for Cheap!!! || ~$0.20 each …

If you don’t want to wait over a week to buy cards for the lowest price, I suggestputting buy …

Steam How to Craft Game Badges From Trading Cards. – YouTube

via YouTube Capture.

Steam How to Craft Game Badges From Trading Cards – YouTube

Steam Level Up Bot || The Easiest Way to Craft Badges / Level Up On Steam Duration: 11 …

TF2 – How To Craft Steam Badges & Profile Update (Team Fortress …

Enjoy the video! Connect with me below. ? Twitter: ?Facebook: http …

[Steam] How To Craft Steam Badges + Crafting First Badge – YouTube

Crafting a steam badge requires availability of the required drop cards of aparticular game …

Is it worth it to craft badges? : Steam – Reddit

I’ve been collecting cards and trading to craft badges for a few of my favorite games. I’ve got enough cards for 4 badges, but I’m hesitant to…

GitHub – 10101000/Steam-AutoCraft: Steam-AutoCraft

Once installed, SteamAutoCraft adds a new button labeled AutoCraft all badges to the Steam badges page & Auto Craft badges to the gamecard page. When activated, the script crafts the available badge, refreshes the page, and checks for another badge to craft until all trading cards are used.

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