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When you are best friends with someone, one phrase you might hear a lot is “I will always be there for you.” It’s such a normal thing to promise someone you love, that you will always be their comfort when they need you. So what do you do when someone is there for you even when you don’t need or want …

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She becomes possessive and acts like she owns you. Yikes! If you checked off a few of these items while thinking of someone specific, then it’s safe to say that you ‘ve got a clingy friend on your hands. How to Deal With a Suffocating Friendship. I suggest you take the following four steps (in this exact order):.

How to Gently Dump a Clingy Friend : 15 Steps (with Pictures)

If your friend is being too clingy, don’t be afraid to make yourself some space. Try cutting back on the amount of attention you give your friend. Encourage your friend to hang out with other people. Try directly speaking with your friend if she is causing a serious problem.

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You adore your friend but she’s too clingy! Here’s how to deal. Clingy friends should be handled carefully to avoid hurting their feelings.

How To Properly Deal With A Clingy Friend – Odyssey

Here are five ways to peel off a clingy friend. Make sure this is only temporary behavior. Once you realize that your friend is actually clingy, try becoming less available. Make sure they know how you feel. Introduce them to new people and places. Do not feel bad about turning them down.

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Whether your friend needs too much attention, money, or a place to stay, you’re probably feeling a little drained having to bear the weight of their responsibilities. Confronting a needy friend may end badly, but there are ways around it that get them off your back without sacrificing the friendship itself.

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3) Stop putting yourself in your needy friend’s shoes. If you are always putting yourself in your friend’s shoes, you are making one of the most common mistakes people make while dealing with clingy personalities. It is a good thing to be concerned about other people but there is a fine line between being …

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There is really no set boundary for knowing when a friend is being clingy, no set number of text messages during the day that pass from normal friend behavior to that “Can you leave me alone for two minutes?” stage. Typically, it’s pretty individual to everyone. But even if you’re someone who’s always on …

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The years after graduation from high school through college are ones when people grow and change a great deal. It seems like you and your friend had a relationship that remained on an even keel for more than a decade; you both depended on one another for support. As you suggest, your friend seems …

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Psychology Today’s ‘Friendship Doctor,’ Irene Levine, PhD, says there are a few reasons people might keep clingy friends around. “People who like feeling needed – or once liked the feeling, even if they don’t anymore,” might attract needy friends, says Dr Levine. Your friends might “feel like they aren’t …

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