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Some common deer species are moose, elk, whitetailed deer, and sambar. … Most people in North America refer to whitetailed deer as deer, just as we will be doing for the duration of this article. However, whitetails are a species within the deer family, Cervidae.

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Difference Between Elk and Deer . . . . . Elk, moose and deer are species of theCervidae …

Difference between Elk and Deer

Main Difference. The family of deer is one of the biggest in the world, and there are several species among them which are different from each other but at the same time, have several similarities among each other. The main difference between elk and a deer is that the first one is known as Wapiti which is a native American …

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The elk, or wapiti (Cervus canadensis), is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae, in the world, and one of the largest land mammals in North America and Eastern Asia. … Male elk have large antlers which are shed each year.

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On a hike through remote mountain forests, it’s not unusual to find tracks of deer, elk or moose. Worldwide, 47 species populate taxonomic family Cervidae, commonly known as the deer family, ranging from 20 pounds to 1,800 pounds. Deer, elk and moose are the most common in North America, and you’ll find plenty of …

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While they’re both from the deer family, they’re both different species, for starters. And deer, whether we’re talking about whitetail or mule deer, are far smaller than elk. A bull elk can get as heavy as 725 pounds (give or take), and a cow can weight as much as 500 pounds. Whitetail deer, on the other hand, are much smaller, …

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A STAG is a male deer. Deer are part of the Cervidae family,herbivores. Believe it or not, there are over 100 different sub species of deer in the world. …

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Eurasian ElkAlces alces Least Concern Asia Europe MooseAlces americanus Least Concern Asia North America New Hampshire Species Chital Axis axis Least Concern Asia Calamian DeerAxis calamianensis Endangered Asia Bawean DeerAxis kuhlii Critically Endangered Asia Hog DeerAxis porcinus …

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Differences Between Deer, Elk, Moose and Reindeer. Hiking through isolated mountain forests, deer tracks are a common enough occurrence. But how do you distinguish a deer from an elk, moose or reindeer? Around the globe, 47 species. ..

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Photos of Antelope, Deer, and Elk in Montana and Wyoming.

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