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It can be formed when an acid is present in water or simply in pure water. It’s chemical formula is H3O+. It can also be formed by the combination of a H+ ion with an H2O molecule. The hydronium ion has a trigonal pyramidal geometry and is composed of three hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

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In an aqueous solution, the added H+ becomes attracted to the negative poles on another water molecule. This leaves an H2O molecule with an extra hydrogen atom, written as H3O, called a hydronium ion. If a solution has a ton of hydronium ions it becomes acidic.

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Hydronium cation + Water = ( Hydronium cation • Water ). By formula: H3O+ + H2 O = (H3O+ • H2O). Bond type: Hydrogen bond (positive ion to hydride) …… Okumura, M.; Yeh, L.I.; Myers, J.D.; Lee, Y.T., Infrared Spectra of the Solvated Hydronium Ion: Vibrational Predissociation Spectroscopy of MassSelected H3O+.(H2O)n.

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In chemistry, hydronium is the common name for the aqueous cation H 3O+ , the type of oxonium ion produced by protonation of water. It is the positive ion present when an Arrhenius acid is dissolved in water, as Arrhenius acid molecules in solution give up a proton (a positive hydrogen ion, H+) to the surrounding water …

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H3O+ it represent acidic form replace H+ because H+ is proton which it does not reality appear …

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hydrogen ion: Strictly, the nucleus of a hydrogen atom separated from its accompanying electron. … The isolated hydrogen ion, represented by the symbol H +, is therefore customarily used to represent a proton. … The formula H +·H 2O is also commonly written as H 3O + and denotes the hydronium or oxonium ion.

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A hydrogen ion is created when a hydrogen atom loses or gains an electron. So it can be a cation H+ Or an anion H (also known as hydride)

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PubChem CID: 123332. Chemical Names: Oxonium; Hydronium ion; Oxidanium; 13968086; H3O+; Trideuteriooxidanium More… Molecular Formula: H3O(+) or H3O+. Molecular Weight: 19.023 g/mol. InChI Key: XLYOFNOQVPJJNP UHFFFAOYSAO …

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AnswerWe use ph as the symbol to express hydronium ion concentration.